Remote, hourly nighttime wellness checks to drive move-ins, retain residents, and reassure families.

From the makers of world-leading AI video technology at SafelyYou comes SafelyYou Aware™. Our newest product leverages the clarity and insight of our original fall detection innovation to deliver a clearer picture of resident risk every hour, during the most vulnerable overnight hours.

We created SafelyYou Aware™ because sleep disturbances are a leading reason families turn to senior living—and can begin a cycle of health deterioration for seniors. In fact, SafelyYou video data shows that, on average, residents are awake or not in their rooms up to 30% of the night, which could affect many facets of their overall well-being and care.


When resident risk increases at night, staff responsibilities and challenges also increase:1

  • 65% of falls happen between 7pm -7am
  • 67% of silent falls occur overnight
  • 43% of residents who had one overnight silent fall had another overnight silent fall

Now, you can provide peace of mind that residents in your communities will get more restful sleep and be at reduced risk, reassuring families as residents transition into their new living environment. And giving your communities a market differentiator.

"Early adoption of new technology is the key to our ability to constantly evolve and elevate the services we provide. SafelyYou has enabled us to identify root causes for many resident falls, including physical and environmental risk factors, specific to each resident. As a result, we can implement individually tailored resident interventions to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries."

- Erin Ottenbreit, Senior Vice President of Operations at Cedarbrook Senior Living

Here's how it works:
SafelyYou team members assess residents’ environments for risk, and staff is immediately notified once a potential concern is detected. So, your team is more empowered to act, helping to prevent incidents before they happen, and improving residents’ safety, outcomes, and well-being.

For greater insight and peace of mind, the SafelyYou Aware service includes:

  • Documented hourly video safety checks from 7pm – 7am
  • SafelyYou team reviewing one minute of video from each hour to assess safety concerns
  • Documentation of safety issues including:
    • Near falls
    • Elopement attempts
    • Residents climbing on or moving furniture
    • Toileting issues
    • Potential altercation
  • Documentation of observations in the room, including occupancy and resident status, for better care planning
  • Immediate staff notification when a safety issue is detected
  • Video of safety issue available in the SafelyYou Discover® portal 

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1Data collected by SafelyYou from Jan. 1, 2021 – Sep. 2022 based on 27,000 on-the-ground events