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Belmont Village Senior Living maintains 4% of ER visits resulting from falls during SafelyYou expansion

Compared to the industry standard of 25% for those 80 and over1 


This case study highlights how Belmont Village Senior Living not only experienced success in their three-month pilot in two communities, but that success continued as they rolled out SafelyYou across twenty-five communities.

Belmont Village used SafelyYou to improve safety, reduce risk, provide more person-centered care, and eliminate unnecessary trips to the ER following on-the-ground events.

Here is some of what you'll learn:

  • How SafelyYou helps staff determine the seriousness of a fall
  • How we make more person-centered care possible
  • How SafelyYou’s technology can scale and still provide consistent results

Learn more by downloading the case study today.

 1. Ashman JJ, Schappert SM, Santo L. Emergency department visits among adults aged 60 and over: United States, 2014–2017. NCHS Data Brief, no 367. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. 2020.

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