Our latest case study shows how Belmont Village Senior Living not only experienced success with SafelyYou in a three-month pilot in two communities but continued to see success as they rolled out our technology across a total of 25 communities. Belmont Village used SafelyYou to improve safety, reduce risk, provide more person-centered care, and eliminate unnecessary trips to the ER following on-the-ground events—so that only 4% of ER visits were the result of falls during the SafelyYou expansion. 

Here is some of what you'll learn:
  • How SafelyYou helps staff determine the seriousness of a fall
  • How we make more person-centered care possible
  • How SafelyYou’s technology can scale and still provide consistent results

To learn more about how Belmont Village Senior Living maintained an exceptional rate of 4% of ER visit resulting from falls during a SafelyYou expansion, download our case study today.

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