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Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls. 


See for yourself how SafelyYou's technology enables fall prevention for seniors, reduces falls by 40%, and doubles length of stay for partner communities.

SafelyYou solves senior care's toughest challenges with a combination of proven AI technology and expert clinical insights. We're the only ones who have reviewed 100,000 fall events.

Get a closer look at how SafelyYou's innovative technology and turnkey implementation help you:

  • Understand how and why falls occur
    With 24/7 access to clear fall videos plus the support of SafelyYou's team of expert clinicians, staff can determine the cause of falls—and how to help keep them from happening again.

  • Mitigate costs and risk
    By reducing falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by 80%, SafelyYou lowers costs and risks. And delivers these results consistently, for leading senior care providers.

  • Increase occupancy revenue
    Fewer falls and elevated care means increased move-ins with residents who stay safer—and stay longer.

  • Improve staff retention
    SafelyYou removes the guesswork from fall events, empowering staff to respond more effectively and make more informed care decisions. Empowered, effective employees are more likely to stay.

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