SafelyYou has reviewed more than 15,000 fall events across North America. Our services go far beyond fall detection to encourage implementation of best practices for fall prevention from fall huddles after these fall events. Through these fall huddles and the resulting actions for fall prevention, SafelyYou has shown 40% fewer falls in our communities.

Although you may not have SafelyYou at your community yet, our fall experts will leverage our lessons learned when collaborating with you on your fall case. Our fall experts will:

  • Learn the details of the fall event,
  • Review photos of the location of the fall, if available,
  • Discuss the resident’s current care plan, and
  • Suggest opportunities for fall prevention for your case.

The intention of SafelyYou Fall Huddle On Demand is to expose your community to alternative intervention options.

Let us help you review a challenging fall event in your community to help you with your fall prevention program. We look forward to learning more about fall events in your community. Please complete the form below to get started on your expert fall review.