Using advanced artificial intelligence-driven technology and video review of more than 20k found-on-the-ground events, SafelyYou has gained deep insight into caregiver response to falls. Our detailed fall protocol and program assessment provides senior living organization and community leaders with the necessary knowledge to reduce risk and create cultural change.

A SafelyYou Fall Program Assessment includes:

Data review of existing incident reports for past 12 months to find trends in time of day, frequency of falls, or type of falls

Determine the efficacy of community-specific policies and procedures related to falls

Identify opportunities to incorporate quality assurance through a series of checklists including a family move-in guide, comprehensive fall scene investigation, environment sweeps, fall huddles

Uncover any data gaps to ensure fall incident reporting contains valuable data to be able find trends and opportunities for interventions

Examine the suitability of current transfer techniques and ensure all trainings utilize current transfer aids within the community

The assessment will involve a series of conference calls and documentation review. The deliverable will include a detailed report of the fall analysis, opportunities and recommendations on how the organization can elevate their current fall program.

Let us help you review your fall program to help you elevate your standard of care, keep your residents safer, reduce costs for you and your resident's families, and nuchmore. Please complete the form below to get started on your expert fall program assessment.