National Fall Huddle 

February 2021

Fall Champions and Staff Training

Educating staff for fall prevention

Do your communities have a fall champion? If not, they should!

Fall champions are key team members in reducing falls and ER visits for your communities, ultimately leading to increased resident safety and decreased costs for communities and families. Join us to learn how fall huddles, led by fall champions, are crucial to preventing future falls. We'll discuss the leadership role Fall Champions take to conduct In-Service Fall Training for all community staff and highlight SafelyYou University, our new, free online Fall Champion Training Course, and the training tools that are available.

In this session you'll see SafelyYou University, the In-Service Training Toolkit, and as always, conduct new live fall huddles to share tips for fall prevention to apply to your communities. Bring your questions for the experts. 

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Learn the who, what, why, and how of being a Fall Champion
  • See SafelyYou University, our new, online Fall Champion Training
  • Recognize our next Fall Champion Hero
  • Participate in two live fall huddles
  • Have an open Q&A with our expert panelists