Accelerate occupancy rate gains post-pandemic


Senior housing occupancy grew for the fourth consecutive quarter since the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to the latest Q2 2022 occupancy data from the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC). Yet, during the height of the pandemic, occupancy rates fell by 9.2% from their peak—and have only recovered by 3.4%.

So, how do operators bridge the occupancy gap and capitalize on the largest-ever aging population when families face lingering fears coupled with inflation rates at a 40-year high? We’ve outlined strategies to help address these fears head-on, highlight how you support residents’ well-being, and make your communities stand out, so you can keep the residents you have and gain new residents to then keep. It’s the support you need for both the current and coming climate in senior living. And it will help you reach your occupancy goals.