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“Transformation doesn’t come from one of us, it comes from all of us. It’s time to unlock our collective potential”

Andy Eby-1

Andy Eby
Caregiver and President of Bickford Senior Living

Transformation doesn't come from just one of us, it comes from all of us. It takes a collective effort. It takes a collaborative spirit. Now, it’s time to unlock our collective potential to transform senior care, building a better future for seniors and a better way forward for the industry. It starts with the Senior Care Innovation Exchange.

The SCIE was developed during the inaugural Silicon Valley Senior Living summit, where attendees were inspired to take action to create transformative change, and committed to becoming active members. As part of our initiative, we’re offering an exclusive series of executive collaborative exchanges—they’re an opportunity to share perspectives and take action together, overcoming both common and complex challenges in senior care. The exchanges provide the possibility of seeing these challenges in a new light, with the goal of discovering new, innovative solutions.

Each exchange will be one hour, and focused on an area of innovation within the industry. We’ll select our topics based on survey responses from registered exchange members, so exchanges remain core to the needs and interests of the group. As a result, members will be actively engaged in the exchanges, as well as invested in the outcomes, and will benefit measurably from the solutions we develop.

To join us and become a registered member, please submit the form below. You’ll then be offered a survey to help curate topics for our upcoming discussions. As a Senior Care Innovation Exchange member, you’re expected to be:

  • An executive who is an owner/operator or capital partner in senior care
  • Actively seeking to elevate innovation within your organization or partnership
  • Open to collaborating on past and current experiences
  • Sharing best practices for members to leverage themselves

The Senior Care Innovation Exchange committee will send you an email with your confirmed membership and invite for the first exchange. The inaugural exchange will take place on Tues, November 1st at 8am PST via zoom and will be recorded.