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Post-fall huddles are critical for preventing repeat falls and improving quality of care. So, we want to make sure you have all the resources you need to conduct effective fall huddles—that’s why we created the Fall Huddle Hub.

From whitepapers and webinars to articles, case studies, and tools, this page provides the support you need for your fall huddle planning, plus the opportunity to connect with others in the fall prevention community, nominate a fall champion, and enroll in SafelyYou University.

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All while opted-in residents increased over 63% across 5 communities.

For Sonida Senior Living, SafelyYou reduced severe fall rate by an impressive 54%. In just 4 months. And achieved these great results while more residents were opting into SafelyYou services. When falls did occur, only 3% resulted in an ER visit or potential injury vs. the industry average of 20% for potential serious injury. Download the case study to see how these results dramatically decrease costs and risk and can drive resident retention, with longer LOS meaning higher NOI for your organization.

Over a two-year period, residents across six Merrill Gardens communities consistently increased their length of stay with access to fall management technology.

Merrill Gardens first began using SafelyYou in 2019. And the unique combination of world-leading AI and remote clinical support continues to prove its value years later, increasing LOS by 31% for the 320 memory care residents analyzed—which increases occupancy and revenue for the communities. Read the case study to see why SafelyYou makes a difference, and what Merrill Gardens leadership has to say about how offering the service drives results both clinically and financially, as well as sets them apart from other organizations.

When falls did occur, only 3% resulted in an ER visit, vs. the industry average of 20%.

Using SafelyYou, Cedarbrook Senior Living reduced their fall rate by an incredible 47% for level 2 & 3 falls—the more severe falls resulting in possible injury or an ER visit—in all three of their communities using SafelyYou. This sizable decrease in fall rate not only creates a tremendous reduction in risk, but it also yields significant cost savings. Learn how SafelyYou reduced the rate of severe falls, reduced fall-related ER visits, and reduced risk and costs for these communities.


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The 2022 State of Falls Report

The report deepens our understanding of both how Americans feel about aging and falling, and the true impact falls have on adults residing in—and out—of senior living communities. Because with a greater understanding of a problem we can work towards more effective, transformative solutions.
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Dementia Through Their Eyes: Increase Dementia Awareness to Improve Level of Care and Attract New Move-Ins

Our latest whitepaper, "Dementia Through Their Eyes" features a Merrill Gardens Best Practice Spotlight in addition to sharing memory care-focused tips for increasing move-ins, empowering staff with person-centered care, and much more.
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How to Retain Residents and Increase Length of Stay

In this whitepaper, we share how Carlton Senior Living extended resident length of stay by 2X with SafelyYou. See the potential impact for your community in the featured occupancy model.
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Our National Fall Huddles cover all things fall prevention

Accuracy in labor, increased profitability: Optimizing care assessments

What would the impacts be if you could optimize how and when assessments were performed? Join our November webinar to understand how to get assessments right today, for more accuracy in labor and increased profitability. We’ll examine what clinician’s assessments include, how and when care levels are assigned, as well as how they’re defined by different operators. And we’ll review how to talk to families about leveling up. Finally, we’ll explore how to leverage technology and processes to support those conversations, optimize revenue, and better utilize resources.

Investing in fall prevention saves on costs. Not taking action costs more.

That’s the inaction and cost connection. Join us on Tuesday, Sept 26, as our panel of insurers, innovators, and operators explore solutions to successfully mitigate fall risk in senior living and surpass industry benchmarks for care quality, occupancy, and NOI.

You’ll hear from attorneys specializing in senior living law about the implications of fall-related incidents. And we’ll share insights from our analysis of more than 100,000 fall events in senior living—data only SafelyYou has—that will empower you to take action today, leveraging proven interventions and world-leading innovation to keep residents safer and your costs lower, improving well-being for residents and financial health for communities and other stakeholder across the senior living ecosystem. Like you.

Explore what now and what’s next for revolutionizing Alzheimer’s care

Hear an AI pioneer and an Alzheimer’s leader discuss the clinical impacts of AI in Alzheimer’s care, joined by SafelyYou’s CEO, as well as our VP of Clinical Success.

We’ll review new research, the effectiveness of technology as the disease progresses, and the good that AI is doing—and has been doing for years—to support those living with Alzheimer’s as well as those who provide them care.

Meet our Fall Champion Heroes

They’re standouts among the outstanding front lines of senior living care staff, and we value their tireless efforts to create and maintain safe environments for our loved ones every day. We’re proud to recognize them for their dedication.

Become a Fall Champion

It’s the first program of its kind, bringing together dementia awareness training and fall prevention education, taught by our experts. Only SafelyYou has witnessed and reviewed 20k falls, uniquely positioning us to teach fall prevention best practices with the person-centered approach needed to meet the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. You’ll get all this knowledge and training for free, to help you elevate dementia care and prevent falls in your communities.

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