SafelyYou Guardian Pro™

The future of care comes with a companion

Meet SafelyYou Guardian Pro™, a next-generation AI care companion that delivers the fastest care assessment with unmatched accuracy, helping your team respond sooner, make the most of its resources, and provide the most effective care. All for unparalleled resident protection.

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Greater acuity means greater risk.
Guardian Pro™ can help.

As providers face staffing issues and greater acuity in assisted living, SafelyYou delivers innovation to help meet those challenges. SafelyYou Guardian Pro™ enables the best understanding of residents’ risk and care needs, as well as a more scalable way to implement SafelyYou services, helping you reduce risk and costs while optimizing staffing.

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of assisted living residents have Alzheimer’s or other dementia-like conditions2

Those with cognitive impairment fall

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as often as those without cognitive issues.3

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Now every resident room is supported.
Even when staff can’t be there.

SafelyYou Guardian Pro™ is a standalone, compact multi-sensor that acts as a platform for our other protective services, helping to support safety in residents’ rooms, even when staff can’t be there.

With SafelyYou Guardian Pro™, you get:

Unsurpassed sensing capability

With a broad range of sensor technology—from bluetooth to u-wave—Guardian Pro™ comprehensively assesses your care setting. It has 10x better visibility in low-light conditions than off-the-shelf options, making it the superior choice for overnight protection. And it’s the only sensor with a 180-degree field of view, helping to ensure nothing gets missed.

Industry-first neural processing

Ours is the only sensor built with on-board neural processing and backed by OMNI AI, the most sophisticated care AI in the world. It’s an AI engine run entirely on-device, able to sense falls with our industry-leading 99% accuracy and track the care your staff provides, so you can reduce risk while optimizing resources and revenue.

Continuous learning

Guardian Pro™ does its best thinking at the edge, ensuring alert accuracy, reducing bandwidth requirements, and continuously learning how best to provide protection and assess care.

Unrivaled precision, unmatched resident protection.

Designed from the bottom up in California, SafelyYou Guardian Pro™ delivers the most precise data to you at an accelerated pace. Guardian Pro™ surpasses other sensors with:

Powerful privacy and world-class security

Built without microphones—and in California to meet and exceed US security standards—our sensor is the only one capable of encrypting and decrypting sensor data entirely on-device, keeping conversation private and care discreet.. SafelyYou Guardian Pro is both HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, and uses encryption security.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Powerful WiFi 6, PoE, and LTE backup ensures seamless connectivity no matter what your network capabilities, giving you peace of mind that protection is always provided.

Access to services that have transformed senior care

SafelyYou Guardian Pro is the gateway to our products and services that have revolutionized senior living, dramatically reducing falls, risk, and costs while empowering higher-quality care. In fact, SafelyYou is proven to reduce falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by a staggering 80%, and now we deliver an industry first and an industry must with community-wide care tracking to align your labor to your care plans.

“When you are able to predict and say this is how you should be staffing…and implement the actual care that is going on…this is the path of technology that moves you forward.“

―Sevy Petras, CEO, Priority Life Care

See SafelyYou in action.

The Inaugural

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