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SafelyYou is peer-reviewed, proven technology designed with a mission: to elevate the quality of care for those living with dementia. That’s why we not only detect and help prevent falls for this vulnerable population—who fall twice as often as those without cognitive impairment, about 4x a year—but we also empower care staff to provide better-quality care more easily. We’re reducing falls by 40% and ER visits resulting from falls by 80%, helping to create safer environments and improve resident well-being in the senior living communities we serve. In, fact, we’re making such a difference, residents are staying longer—we’ve helped communities increase length of stay by 2x.

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Want a way to reduce staff turnover? Start with the right training. Educated, empowered employees are less stressed, more productive, and provide better care for residents. SafelyYou University offers crucial training.
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The report deepens our understanding of both how Americans feel about aging and falling, and the true impact falls have on adults residing in—and out—of senior living communities. Because with a greater understanding of a problem we can work towards more effective, transformative solutions.
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Accuracy in labor, increased profitability: Optimizing care assessments

What would the impacts be if you could optimize how and when assessments were performed? Join our November webinar to understand how to get assessments right today, for more accuracy in labor and increased profitability. We’ll examine what clinician’s assessments include, how and when care levels are assigned, as well as how they’re defined by different operators. And we’ll review how to talk to families about leveling up. Finally, we’ll explore how to leverage technology and processes to support those conversations, optimize revenue, and better utilize resources.

Investing in fall prevention saves on costs. Not taking action costs more.

That’s the inaction and cost connection. Join us on Tuesday, Sept 26, as our panel of insurers, innovators, and operators explore solutions to successfully mitigate fall risk in senior living and surpass industry benchmarks for care quality, occupancy, and NOI.

You’ll hear from attorneys specializing in senior living law about the implications of fall-related incidents. And we’ll share insights from our analysis of more than 100,000 fall events in senior living—data only SafelyYou has—that will empower you to take action today, leveraging proven interventions and world-leading innovation to keep residents safer and your costs lower, improving well-being for residents and financial health for communities and other stakeholder across the senior living ecosystem. Like you.

Explore what now and what’s next for revolutionizing Alzheimer’s care

Hear an AI pioneer and an Alzheimer’s leader discuss the clinical impacts of AI in Alzheimer’s care, joined by SafelyYou’s CEO, as well as our VP of Clinical Success.

We’ll review new research, the effectiveness of technology as the disease progresses, and the good that AI is doing—and has been doing for years—to support those living with Alzheimer’s as well as those who provide them care.

What and who will help reduce risk and deliver the highest quality care to see the greatest returns?

We’ll answer that question and more in our April webinar, focused on all things value-based care. Join our expert panel as they:

  • discuss the differences and benefits of value-based care models
  • share the business results of these trending models
  • provide insights into the path forward for senior living and adoption of value-based care
We’ll also explore how value-based care enables your communities to innovate and unlock even greater clinical and business success, making available the technology you’ve been interested in but didn’t have the means to implement. With a value-based care model, you can empower your on-site teams with tools and resources to deliver exceptional care, driving both outcomes and income.

The VC View: How the lessons of unicorn investments can transform tech innovation in senior living

Every notable unicorn was fueled by a strategic investment in innovative technology. Uber transformed personal transport. Airbnb revolutionized hospitality. Innovators become industry game-changers where need and ease of implementation met adoption and market champions.

Is it possible for a breakthrough technology to change the trajectory of senior living, elevating care, driving better outcomes for residents, improving the bottom line for operators, and becoming the new standard of excellence for the industry-at-large? Our expert VC panel says yes.

Learn how to leverage expert investor insights to deliver results-driven innovation for your senior living organization.

Why better rest for residents means better occupancy for communities

Disruptive nighttime events are one of the main reasons families turn to senior living. And poor sleep quality can begin a cycle of health deterioration, increasing a resident’s fall risk and furthering cognitive decline. So, how can you assure families that you’ll help their loved ones get restful sleep—and reduce their risks—when they move into your communities? It starts with insights into and understanding of why sleep is being disrupted, as well as a clearer picture of resident risk.

Join our free webinar on January 26th for an in-depth discussion of the etiology of sleep disturbances, an analysis of exclusive data around falls and risk overnight, and an exploration of proven strategies that support better sleep—all empowering you to put families at ease about their loved ones’ quality of rest and level of risk when considering a move into your communities.

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