Using advanced artificial intelligence-driven technology and video review of more than 200k on-the-ground events, SafelyYou brings deep insight into caregiver response to falls. 

Our free, detailed fall prevention protocol and program assessment provides senior care employees and leaders with the necessary knowledge to reduce risk and create cultural change-moving teams from being only reactive to more proactive in fall management. Our experts will review your fall program so your communities can elevate their standard of care, helping to keep residents safer and reducing costs.

A Fall Prevention Program Assessment by SafelyYou fall experts includes:

  • Fall Analysis
    Reviewing all data from existing incident reports for the past 12 months to find trends in time of day, frequency, and types of falls.
  • Policies & Procedures
    Determining the efficacy of existing community-specific policies and procedures related to falls.
  • Process Review
    Identifying opportunities to incorporate quality assurance through a series of checklists, including a family move-in guide, comprehensive fall scene investigation, environment sweeps, and fall huddles.
  • Incident Documentation
    Uncovering any data gaps to ensure fall incident reporting contains valuable data to find trends and opportunities for interventions.
  • Training Programs
    Examining the suitability of current transfer techniques and ensuring all training utilizes current transfer aids within the community.

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