Increase Staff Efficiency, Reduce Falls and Cut Costs in Senior Housing with Resident Rounding

We’re all well aware that senior housing occupancy rates are at an all-time low. recently stated that occupancy rates fell nearly 7% to 80.7% due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Communities must find ways to keep the residents they have and not lose them to competitors, while ramping up referrals to attract new move-ins.

One way to achieve this go is by initiating a rounding program to demonstrate that residents are well-cared for and safe and satisfied. Many may think this is just a program for hospitals, but this best practice, which we’ll call resident rounding, can and should be applied to memory care and senior housing communities. It will increase staff productivity and decrease turnover, while improving the resident experience and reducing falls.

Numerous studies find that leadership teams need to engage with the direct-care staff to develop and design a truly successful resident-rounding program. When leadership is actively involved, many benefits can be achieved including:

  • Reducing Costs by Increasing Staff Efficiency and Decreasing Turnover
  • Improving Residents’ Quality of Life
  • Reducing Falls by Bolstering Your Fall Prevention Program
  • Elevating Your Fall Management Program

To learn more about implementing a purposeful resident-round program in your community, download SafelyYou’s latest whitepaper, “Increase Staff Efficiency, Reduce Falls and Cut Costs in Senior Housing with Resident Rounding.”

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